What's in a (domain) name?

Credibility and Qualified Leads - Giving your business market presence integrity.

Whilst companies still try to gain optimum ranking of their websites on the free search engine listings, priority is increasingly given to informational sites as the search engines companies expect commercial sites to pay for their listing. This, combined with the fact that search engine advertising is rapidly being recognised as far more efficient than the old marketing models, has resulted in on-line advertising increasing at a rapid pace - projected to overtake magazine advertising in 2007.

Between them Google, Yahoo and MSN account for 90% of all search engine traffic and of those Google is by far the major player. Google offers advertising through its AdWords system and Yahoo uses Overture. MSN is only now seriously ramping up its search engine technology and presence and is most likely developing its own ad system.

The Google AdWords system is the major on-line advertising medium. One of the major aspects of setting up a successful AdWords campaign is in formulating the advert that people see (shown under sponsored links) . Why is this so difficult - because the advertiser is limited to getting their message across in 4 lines of limited text:

Format: Example:
Headline - (25 characters)
Line 1 - (35 characters)
Line 2 - (35 characters)
Display URL - (35 characters)
Scentimental Occasions
A marriage of beauty and fragrance
with charm and elegance

The character limit includes spaces, punctuation, etc and is strictly enforced.

So, how does a good domain name help? The URL is displayed as the last line of the advert. Having a URL congruent with the product/service offering instantly qualifies the advertiser as a key provider of those products/services. So for someone searching for "women's swimwear", no matter how badly the ad is written, a URL such as bikinis.co.uk would sell itself. A major advantage over the competition.